I am a UX Designer from New Zealand. I love the challenge of designing for people who are very different from myself, and I have a huge focus on advocating for the user. I’m a brilliant story teller, and my designs closely reflect the entire UX process.

I have a five-year background in television operations, where I was constantly thinking of the viewer’s experience. I like to think this skill set has translated well to my empathising abilities as a UX Designer. I also spent some time working on accessibility for TV. Now I have a passion for accessible design.

I truly believe that design should be for everyone, and good design includes and invites others into its conversations.

I also really dig snowboarding and coffee, so there’s that.

Get In Touch

So now you know a lot about me, but I know very little about you. Let’s change that. Drop me a line and tell me your thoughts. I’d love to hear all about that project that I can help you with. Or if you just want to say a friendly hello, that’s cool too.

Can’t wait to watch our beautiful partnership bloom.